Product Development

We use our scientific & medical knowledge, expertise and network of advisors to assist in drug development from discovery to preclinical and clinical.

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Enabling innovative health products to reach new markets, through our network of distributors. Collaborations are the key to success.

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Assisting companies in corporate deals, identifying partners and products, in-licensing and out-licensing, M&A, R&D collaborations, Financing.

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Support in Product Licensing, Business Development, Product Development, Commercialisation, Financing
Who we are and what we do

Life Sciences Specialists

Founded in London in 2000, DyoDelta Biosciences Ltd is a London based company specializing in providing support to companies in the healthcare industry - Pharma & Biotech, OTC, MedTech, Digital Health.

We provide best-practice in Business Development & Licensing, Product Development, Financing and Listings through our team. DyoDelta Biosciences is an elite group of senior executives with deal-making experience and a proven track record in the pharma and biotech industry at the corporate HQ level. We work closely with our clients/partners to deliver results.

What we are good at

Our Credentials

Product Development

We have experience in taking products from the discovery stage to preclinical and clinical development and registration approval.

Commercialisation network

We have worked for many years with a network of distributors around the world to commercialise novel products in healthcare.

Business Development

We have put together numerous deals in the pharma & biotech industry and have assisted both companies and investors.


International network

Specialising in Healthcare

Business Development | Product Licensing | Financing | Listings

Collaborations are in our DNA

With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector in general, collaborations are core to our business. The Life Sciences sector worldwide is dependent on people from different companies and institutions working together in many areas, from research to commercialising products. Specific areas include product licensing, research collaborations, supply and distribution arrangements, corporate transactions, including private equity and public financing.

We are a science and medicine-driven healthcare advisory UK company based in London, with an international network.

Our focus is on providing support in Business Development & Licensing deals, Product Development and Financing.

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Contact Us

DyoDelta Biosciences Ltd
33 St James's Square
London SW1Y 4JS
Phone: +44 20 3239 3022
Email: enquiries @ dyodelta . com

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