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Our Capabilities

Strategic Advisory

Deal Sourcing, Research Collaborations, Search & Evaluation, Spin-offs, start-ups, Communications, Image Building, Investor Relations.

Business Growth

Business Development, Product Licensing, Commercialisation, Distribution, Investor Support, Transactions, M&A, Alliance Management, JVs.

Financial & Market Analysis

Financing, Investor Pitch Decks, Business Plans, Investor Relations, Sales Forecasts, Market Projections, Due Diligence, Commercial Evaluations, Valuations.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Deals

The Pharma & Biotech Sector

There is an underlying need for alliances on the part of “Big Pharma” in order to fuel growth. This is through access to new products and technologies. This is driving hundreds of deals every year worldwide between pharma and biotech companies. At the same time, the total value of alliances has seen a growth explosion to over $100 billion per year in recent years.

Small private companies may be able to progress the development of their compounds or technologies up to a point, but are normally unable to convert these into commercialised pharmaceutical products, on their own and on a worldwide basis, as they are not capable of setting up the infrastructure for marketing and distribution. The result is that the vast majority of biotech companies will be compelled to enter into corporate deals with pharma companies that have the means to commercialise on a large and global scale.

How we can help

Industry Experience and Proven Track Record

Outsourced expert support for companies and investors

Whereas the need for partnerships in general has become the norm in the industry, it still is a very specialised field, where people and expertise are crucial for success and internal company resources are often in need of additional support.

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Biotech pharmaceutical alliances
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Vision, Mission, Values

Our way of operating

We are a very ethical group, valuing integrity, fairness, creativity, intelligence, innovation and results.

Our team of executives with years of experience in blue chip multinationals guides companies to success. Integrating our personal experience in senior-level positions in the industry and our network of contacts, Our mission is to empower companies and investors in the life sciences and healthcare industries through comprehensive services spanning financial communications, strategic advisory, financial analysis, and commercialisation. We are dedicated to fostering innovation, growth, and success within the dynamic landscape of healthcare. Our modus operandi is results-focused. We know what has to get done and results have to be delivered. We are here to help: help make a difference.

Help deliver success.

Your Outsourced Support: Enabling Companies and Investors with Comprehensive Solutions

Identifying Partners or Products, Developing Market Projections, Commercial Analysis and Valuations, Due Diligence, Deal Structuring & Preparing Business Plans and Presentations, Raising Capital, Dealing with Investors, IPOs, Product Development, Commercialisation, Appointing Distributors.

We are a Life Sciences advisory UK company based in London, assisting companies and investors in Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and HealthTech. We specialise in providing full-service support in Business Development & Licensing deals, Product Development, Financing, Commercialisation and Communications.

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