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Distributors & Licensees

Worldwide Network

Bringing health products to people who need them

We seek to deliver breakthrough products, largely based on ingredients of natural origin, to help people's health. We are inspired by the latest concepts and findings in medical and scientific research and use that as the foundation of the rationale for our products. Caring about people, our aim is to bring our products to those who care about their health and want to support their effort in staying or becoming healthier.

Worldwide global sales distribution

Distributor & Licensees Commercial Network

Our commercial operations are based on our network of regional and local distributors, that are experts in the supply of health products in each country and capable of delivering the products to the consumers through the supply chain.

Launching and marketing products in Europe, Middle East and Asia

Making products global

While few and very large healthcare companies are truly global, the sector has many strong local companies that have the infrastructure in their own country.

We have a large network of links with pharmaceutical companies and distributors around the world that facilitate introducing novel products to new markets.

Our strength


  • 50 Countries (EU 28 members)

  • 24 official languages

  • 740 million people

  • Different regulations

  • Very few pan-European companies

  • Many strong local companies

  • Varied pricing

While Europe is the region with advanced healthcare systems, the surrounding geographical area of the Middle East & Africa provides an additional opportunity and countries in this area allow healthcare products to be sold if they are circulating in European countries.
Pharmaceuticals and healthacare natural products - Europe Middle East Africa
Health products

Based on scientific evidence

Bringing products to the market

Delivering health products to people

Product Licensing

Sourcing novel health products to license

Collaborative Network

Working with local distributors and licensees

We are a science and medicine-driven healthcare advisory UK company based in London, with an international network.

Our focus is on providing support in Business Development & Licensing deals, Product Development and Financing.

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