Our focus:

Helping people's health

Innovative Products based on Scientific Evidence


Founded in London in 2000 and operating for 17 years, DyoDelta Biosciences Ltd is a London based company specializing in innovative products supporting people's health and providing services to the pharma and biotech industry. Our approaches are based on natural products with scientific evidence. Extensive medical and scientific research in the recent years has elucidated new mechanisms and provided insight in the possible causes of many diseases. Our focus is to bring new products to people who need them and provide the knowledge for people to improve their own health.

New Product Development

We use our scientific knowledge, expertise and network of advisors to bring to people new products with the potential to support their health.

Product Licensing

Enabling innovative health products to reach new markets geographically, through our network of distributors. We believe collaborations are the best way to bring new products to the market.

Business Development

Assisting companies in Corporate partnering, identifying partners and products, in-licensing and out-licensing, M&A, R&D collaborations, Financing.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Identifying evidence-based natural compounds
  • Developing formulas of natural compound combinations
  • Protecting our Intellectual Property
  • Identifying the etiology of diseases
  • Using rational approach design based on mechanisms of pathogenegis
  • Collaborating with researchers
  • Commercialisation of products
  • Business Development and Licensing Services to the pharma & biotech industry
Pharma biotech alliances collaborations