Business Development & Licensing

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Product Licensing

Companies have products that need further development or commercialisation support. A commercial deal brings validation, resources and funding. Companies, large and small are in need of new products. The people responsible for this process are Business Development executives that coordinate the process until closing the deal. We help in identifying products for licensing, identifying corporate partners for licensing deals, strategic planning, preparation of materials for transactions.

Product licensing


It is key in every deal to assess and also agree with the other side the value. This can only be substantiated if the appropriate projections are made, using industry-accepted principles. The sales of a product can be forecasted using assumptions from independent sources, projecting future cashflows. The cashflows are discounted to generate the Net Present Values which can also be risk-adjusted. Sensitivity analysis can be included to provide the range of the valuation. We are experts in Commercial Analysis and Financial Valuations.

Deal Structuring

In the technology area, where IP is they typically the subject of a corporate deal, structuring a license deal is complicated and the parties must agree numerous points including milestone payments, level of royalties, development, commercialisation efforts, territories, deal duration, termination areas and many others. A deal must be a win-win both parties but it is during the negotiations that the value is created for the shareholders. Transactions and structuring deals is the core of our expertise.

Due Diligence

Whether it's for an investment or for a corporat deal, due diligence is an integral part of the process. Due diligence is performed both commercially and technically. The technical due diligence includes patent checks, scientific data, competitive analysis, development plans, manufacturing, and other areas. Commercial due diligence is closely linked with financial and market analysis, sales and profit projections, sensitivity analysis with risk assumptions and valuations. We provide Due Diligence support, helping companies achieve their goal.

Alliance Management

Why is Alliance Management important ? Corporate deals take a long time to source, evaluate, negotiate and finalise and many fall through before being signed. Once a deal is put together though, its value to the company becomes often hundreds of millions and may also reach billions over its life time and when the alliance involves both parties working together, a high degree of co-ordination is necessary to avoid issues becoming major problems in the alliance. As the number of corporate alliances has increased over the years, the role of Alliance Management has become necessary in order to “manage” existing alliances.

New market launch

While relatively few large companies are truly global, many companies become successful in the marketing their products in their home country or on a regional level, but are normally unable to develop their own infrastructure in other markets. Dragon Finance has a large network of links with companies and distributors around the world which can facilitate geographical expansion and the introduction to new markets for companies with interesting products.

Collaborations are in our DNA

Deal-making is our expertise ! We have a long history of transactions, including private equity and public financing, product licensing, research collaborations, M&A and public listings. We also assist in commercialising products in new geographical territories through distributors.

Supporting Investors and Legal Cases

Investor Support

We assist investors in independent due diligence, valuations, market forecasts, transactions and expert support in entering and exiting investments in the pharma and biotech sector.

Pharma Expert Witness Service

We provide support in legal cases where there are disputes relating to Intellectual Property, Licensing Agreements, Commercialisation and other areas.

How we can help

We use best practice according to the pharmaceutical industry standards. Importantly, our associates are from the specialized Business Development & Licensing function of the industry, we have our own proprietary research and best-practice “Deal Tools”, long experience with multinational companies, worldwide coverage, international culture and expertise, industry knowledge and thousands of personal contacts at senior level in the industry.

Business Development Services

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Our team is comprised of industry professionals with lengthy experience in senior positions, augmented by a wide network of contacts in the pharma and biotech industry and the investment community. Our contribution is tailored to your specific needs.

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