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DyoDelta Biosciences' Exclusive Collaboration with Backstage Communications

Unmatched Expertise to Raise Capital and Close Pharma Deals

We understand that success in the Life Sciences industry extends beyond groundbreaking science – it also hinges on effective communication and strategic messaging. That’s why we have an exclusive collaboration with Backstage Communications, the top-tier Public Relations agency in the Benelux market.

Strategic Deal-Making: Crafting impactful messages is pivotal in the complex landscape of deal-making. Whether it's raising capital or negotiating with pharmaceutical giants, the fusion of DyoDelta's transactional expertise with Backstage’s mastery in communication ensures a holistic and effective approach.

Investor Relations Excellence: Investor Relations is not just about numbers; it’s about perception and image. Backstage Communications brings a wealth of experience in creating tailored PR strategies to enhance corporate image, aligning seamlessly with DyoDelta’s investor-focused approach.

Our Services

Why Choose DyoDelta and Backstage?

Embark on a journey where strategic communications and finding investors converge, shaping a narrative that resonates and drives success. Choose DyoDelta Biosciences and Backstage Communications – where expertise meets excellence.

Combined Approach

Our collaboration seamlessly integrates investor contacts with tailored communications, offering an integrated service for companies in the Life Sciences sector. From raising capital to pharma deals, we provide end-to-end support.

Industry Expertise

With over 35 years of experience in the life sciences, we possess a deep understanding of the industry. Coupled with Backstage’s specialized PR services, creates a dynamic synergy that addresses the unique challenges of the sector landscape.

Tailored Communications

Backstage Communications collaborates with DyoDelta to tailor your communications to resonate with stakeholders, investors, corporate partners, the media, and the public. This ensures that your company’s story is not just heard but understood.

Our Process

Navigating the realm of Communications, Public Relations, and Investor Relations demands a process that is both strategic and efficient. Our combined approach is comprehensive, meticulous, and tailored to deliver results.

Drawing upon our profound understanding of the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, our team of industry experts in strategic communication ensures that every step is executed with precision. From in-depth consultation to precise alignment, we craft a communications strategy that resonates with your target audience amongst investorsand the financial community. Partner with us, and let our unrivaled expertise in strategic communication elevate your narrative and drive impact.
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Designed to surpass industry standards, delivering exceptional outcomes for your company

Needs Assessment

We commence our journey by conducting an in-depth consultation to grasp your company's specific communication requirements and overarching goals, whether it's to raise capital, corporate deals, IPOs, or managing the capital markets.

Communications Strategy

Encompasses a holistic approach to communication strategies, including public relations, investor relations, branding and messaging.

Company Image & External Affairs

Focuses on the overall management and enhancement of a brand's image and reputation. Managing relationships with external stakeholders, including regulatory bodies and policymakers, to navigate external landscapes.

Corporate Communications & Investor Communications

Encompasses internal and external communication strategies, including investor relations and public relations. Tailored for effective communication with investors, including reporting financial results and development updates.

Stakeholder Engagement & Media Relations

Involves building relationships with various stakeholders, including investors, customers, and the public. Specific to managing relationships with the media to shape and control a company's image.

Reputation Management

Emphasizes strategies to maintain and enhance the reputation of your company and/or your pipeline products.

Transcending Boundaries - A Bespoke Communications Approach

We extend beyond conventional communication strategies to deliver tailored solutions that resonate with diverse audiences, fostering innovation and transformative impact.

Our approach is bespoke, centering on a profound understanding of your distinct communication requirements and brand culture. Each proposed strategy aligns seamlessly with your vision and strategic objectives, ensuring a harmonious integration into your broader communication framework.

We are a Life Sciences advisory UK company based in London, assisting companies and investors in Pharma, Biotech, MedTech and HealthTech. We specialise in providing full-service support in Business Development & Licensing deals, Product Development, Financing, Commercialisation and Communications.

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DyoDelta Biosciences Ltd
33 St James's Square
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Phone: +44 20 3239 3022
Email: enquiries @ dyodelta . com

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