Market Expansion

New Geographies. New Markets. New Business.

Making products global

While few pharmaceutical companies are truly global, many companies become successful in marketing their products in their home country or on a regional level, but are not able to develop their own infrastructure in other markets.

DyoDelta Biosciences has a large network of links with pharmaceutical companies and distributors around the world that can facilitate geographical expansion and introduction to new markets for companies with interesting products.

We undertake the intelligence for product introductions, assess each market of interest, identify the appropriate opportunities, use our contacts and introduce the new products of our clients, negotiate the partnering arrangements and if necessary, help to check the alliance.

Business Development and Licensing Europe

Our strength: Europe

  • 50 Countries (EU 28 members)
  • 24 official languages
  • 740 million people
  • Different regulations
  • Very few pan-European companies
  • Many strong local companies
  • Varied pricing
  • Many opportunities
Europe distributors