The evolution rationale for natural treatments or therapies

Understanding Evolution

Life on earth seems to have begun more than 3.5 billion years ago. Numerous different types of life existed and exist, all sharing the genetic code – the DNA. The grape DNA is 25% similar to human. The mouse DNA is 90% similar to us. Humans apparently have been on earth for about 6 million years and slowly, over this a very long period, our bodies adapted to what we ate.

It is not logical to assume that all diseases begin because of nutrition, but many have already been linked to it. Not having the appropriate nutritional habits, together with genetic and environmental reasons can lead to disease. Furthermore, a number of chemicals found in nature have demonstrated positive effects in human health conditions.

The bacteria in our gut

The human microbiome

A “natural” way of treating or preventing many diseases

The microbiome is is one of the newest fields in medicine. Even though people knew the importance of the gut in health and disease, it is only in the last 1-2 decades that science and medicine paid a lot of attention in this field. There is a lot of excitement as we have discovered the possible origin of many diseases, or at least mechanisms that seem to be implicated. Possibly the new paradigm in medicine ?

Oxidative DNA damage is linked to many pathologies

Reactive Oxygen Species ("ROS") are being generated during metabolism due to certain stimuli and oxidative damage results in inflammation and triggers cascades resulting in diseases. Administration of antioxidants has been proven to have beneficial effects in proteting against oxidation.

Natural medicines
Natural products as sources of new drugs

"Natural Medicine"

The use of plants as treatments for disease is as long as human history and is the basis of modern medicine. Around one century ago, most drugs were plant-based.

Until the advent of the pharmaceutical industry in the mid-1800's, people used natural products and primarily botanicals as treatments. To-date, many of the drugs we use are analogues of naturally occuring compounds, a lot of them being phytochemicals. A publication by the National Cancer Institute in the US in 2012 demonstrated that just in the area of cancer, since the 1940s, approx. half of the 175 drugs developed and approved were derived from natural products. Some of the known drugs that come from plants include: aspirin (from willow bark), digoxin (from foxglove), quinine (from cinchona bark), and morphine (from the opium poppy).

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