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Our Capabilities

Product Development

Developing novel products basd on natural compounds which demonstrated positive results in scientific research.

Product Commercialisation

Commercialising nutrition-based healthcare products around the world with our network of distributors and licensees.

Business Development

Providing services around product licensing to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and support to healthcare investors.

Alternative therapy - natural treatment

Developing Natural Treatments

Over the recent years, extensive research in the field has identified recent evidence of the likely causes of a number of conditions as well a number of natural compounds that have shown positive results in trials.

To address the unmet needs, we are developing novel combination products to prevent, stabilise and treat these conditions based on addressing the root causes and not just helping with the symptoms while the underlying disease slowly and steadily progresses. Since many diseases seem to be due to a combination of factors, we believe combination therapies are appropriate.

Why natural compounds ?

Based on evolution

Natural chemicals fit with human biology

Natural compounds have been sources for new drugs since the pharmaceutical industry begun.

In the recent years, natural compounds have been receiving considerable interest due to their safe and therapeutic effects as well as their potential in disease modification. Medical and scientific research has shown promising results in obesity, heart disease, neurological diseases (such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis), cancer, diabetes, allergic conditions, and others.

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Nutritional Medicine
Natural treatments against disease
Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy

Our way of thinking

It is easy to make grand statements. What we aim is simply to help people'e health. We believe we can achieve this by developing and commercialising novel health products based on natural compounds, with scientific evidence. We value rational approaches, creativity, intelligence, innovation and results.

Our team has many years of experience in blue chip multinational pharmaceutical and also smaller biotech companies and is scientifically qualified and knowledgeable in nutrition and herbal medicine. Integrating knowledge from medical and scientific research taking place in institutions around the world, we utilise a rational approach to develop and also license novel nutritional-type products which have the potential to make an impact. We are here to help: help make a difference. Help people's health.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food"

Hippocrates, c400 BC., widely regarded as "the Father of Medicine".

For thousands of years, humans have been discovering and using products from nature to support their health and often to treat medical conditions.

The recent trend and interest in nutrition-type approaches for medical conditions is pointing to a convergence in the pharmaceutical and medical nutrition field.

We are a science-driven healthcare UK company based in London, with an international network.

Our focus is on novel products with evidence-based natural compound formulas to support people's health.

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